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A fair number of business travelers smoke cigars, which are typically savored one by one, and certainly not consumed in packs of 20, like cigarettes. Furthermore, they tend to smoke in social settings, like a fancy cigar lounge, and not necessarily in the hotel room itself.

I do smoke cigars when I travel, so I often look to find a hotel that allows smoking. You can generally find them in the cheaper properties, which is where I’m inclined to stay when I travel on a motorcycle anyway. Still, on the other side of the travel scale, even higher-end hotels that do set aside smoking rooms seldom discriminate against cigars, as opposed to cigarettes. “And of course, many Europeans and Asians still smoke like chimneys, and many are fond of cigars.

The executive editor of Smokegood Drinkgood, a monthly magazine for cigar smokers who tend to have other expensive tastes, suggested that “More and more of the high-end hotel properties are looking for ways to accommodate their smokers”, particularly their cigar smokers, where it’s possible on a policy level — that is, not prohibited by law. Some cigar lovers also tend to research smoking accommodations (including nearby cigar lounges) when making a reservation. And yes, SGDG will have an app for that in the near future.

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