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Top 5 Cigars on the Golf Course

thumb_golf1. Rocky Patel Edge Lite – This truly is a golfers cigar, and it was even made with the golfer or outdoors man in mind. The only thing that will scare some away is the Connecticut wrapper which most seem to either love or hate. I am usually not a fan but for some reason this smoke comes alive on the course and just blends in with my game. Rocky Patel makes several cigars that are better than this one, but not on the golf course. It has a mild, creamy flavor with an even burn and a pretty smooth draw.

2. CAO Cameroon – I’m a sucker for cameroon wrappers, and this mild cigar by CAO is the perfect cameroon for the course. The sweet aromas and flavors of coffee and caramel will make you think you’re smoking a caramel latte from Starbucks. This is the cigar I always grab when I have an earlier tee time. Like the other cigars on this list, the CAO Cameroon isn’t overpowering and will blend in well with your game (which is hopefully just as smooth).

3. Macanudo Cafe – I put this cigar on the list, because anyone and I mean anyone in world can find it easily, and I think I have seen it in almost every golf shop that I have ever checked into before playing. So even if you forget your smoke, you pick this one up at the course. It’s mild, it’s easy to smoke, and it’s affordable (but still overpriced for what it delivers – you are buying the name and not the quality). My guess is this cigar is smoked on more golf courses than any other cigar out there.

4. Sancho Panza – This is the golf cigar for someone who plays a lot of golf and just wants something in their mouth that helps themselves relax and doesn’t take away from their game. It’s not fancy, it is not complex but what it is, is cheap and easy to throw on the ground between shots. I personally prefer the primoroso size but on this smoke it doesn’t matter too much as far as flavor is concerned. Click this link and you can get a box of 20 for less than $50 shipped to your house.

5. La Aroma de Cuba – A medium bodied cigar with a stronger aroma than most of the other cigars on the list. This cigar is probably the most versatile in that it will serve you just as well off the golf course. It’s not too complex or rich to make me want to leave it in my golf bag, but it’s also too interesting and enchanting to only reserve it for the course. I prefer the robusto or the monarch.

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