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The LifeStyle: Rolex The Yacht-Master Series



The Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II models embody the spirit of the sailor. Inspired by the rich heritage that has bound Rolex to the world of sailing since the 1950s, the Yacht-Master blends function and style, while the Yacht-Master II brings together the finest in Rolex technology to create a regatta chronograph built for yachting competition.

The LifeStyle: Southern Hospitality Cigar Time & Liquor – Katy, Texas

Nestled within the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan area, sits a wonderful cigar lounge where smokers can relax, have a drink and enjoy Texas hospitality. Cigar Time & Liquor, Located in Katy Texas offers its customers over 5,000 sq ft of lounge space, an extraordinary walk in humidor with a vast selection of premium and unique cigar blends.

Customers may also take advantage of membership options which has its privileges. Membership with Cigar Time offers a VIP loft with lockers,  poker, pool, flat screen TVs, a bar and plenty of leisure seating. The lounge has a state of the art air filtration and circulation system for its customers comfort.

Conveniently located next door is Liquor Time. Liquor Time is the sister store which provides aficionados with the opportunity to DrinkGood Whiskey while they SmokeGood cigars. Stop by and meet the friendly and knowledgeable tobacconists available to assist you with your tobacco and cigar accessory needs.

Cigar Time & Liquor is located at: 20940 Katy Freeway, Suite K Katy, TX 77449. For information on cigar events, membership and other inquiries call (832)321-4311.

The LifeStyle: Cigar Pairing of the Month #SGDG It’s a Lifestyle”

Yamazaki and LFD 1994 Pairing

1994 Litto and Ines Gomez purposefully (and brilliantly) set aside the most exceptional fillers and binders from their La Canela farm in the Dominican Republic to create LFD’s 20th Anniversary Rumba commemorative cigar. Surrounding the complex and powerful blend is a sweet and savory Mexican San Andres wrapper. Like LFD’s other premiums, the 1994 is a full-bodied cigar that’s totally off the hook; made with love, pride, and decades of patience.

The latest trend among whisky geeks is to be in the know about the burgeoning market for “world whiskies,” those that arise from locations other than the traditional brown spirits nations of Scotland, Ireland, United States and Canada. What some hipsters mightn’t have sussed is that in Japan distilling isn’t the latest fad. Since 1923, Suntory has been making whisky at its flagship distillery Yamazaki—a very Scots-like location in a misty vale at the convergence of three rivers. The spirit’s conjunction with this cigar has a very East meets West charm to it.

Yamazaki Single Malt Aged 18 Years (86 proof; 18 years old; $250 per 750 ml. bottle)

APPEARANCE: Medium amber tone with a Champagne sparkle.

NOSE: A rich aroma full of black cherries, spice vanilla, chocolate, sawdust and Christmas pudding.

PALATE: In the mouth it defines its spice with chewy nutmeg, vanilla and a smattering of ginger. The fruit expands to include pears, lychee and plums, the later two giving it an Eastern taste. A hint of peat also appears on the palate.

FINISH: The long encore includes a sweet oak finish with walnuts, caramel and orange peel.

CIGAR PAIRING: This matchup is an object lesson on how one tiny element can make a partnership blossom. The whisky’s peat, which seems a mere afterthought following almost two decades in wood, awakens my palette. Delicious notes of citrus, chocolate and some molasses as an afterthought on the finish of the smoke. The one thing that I am really noting how medium bodied this cigar is the in comparison to other cigars such as the Ligero and Double Ligero. As the first third of the cigar comes to a close the molasses really begins to stand out and a sweetness becomes the focal point with some citrus remaining on the finish.

The LifeStyle: Stixx & Stilettos Networking Group Geared to Female Cigar Lovers

Founded in 2015, Stixx & Stilettos is an event driven organization shaped for professional women. The events, attended by both women and men, promote Financial Awareness, Cultural Enrichment and Entrepreneurship. It was created to allow women the ability to network while enjoying a great Cigar.

The group was founded by Monica Cooper, an Award Winning Realtor and Author, and Power Attorney Vanessa Olivier, two native New Yorkers who met at a Cigar Lounge less than two years ago. After running into one another at many events, the ladies realized they had many common interests. Be sides being successful women of color and cigar enthusiasts, both enjoyed writing, networking, empowerment and event planning. Both agreed that women were smoking cigars in larger numbers, yet there was a lack of events for women who enjoyed the pastime.


While it is geared towards Ladies of the Cigar Leaf, men are invited as well and have become an essential part of Stixx and Stilettos. Since its birth, Stixx and Stilettos has hosted numerous events and meet-ups. As a result of the group’s success, the duo initiated the “Women Run The World Tour”, a four-city tour sponsored by Whiff Out Odor Control products and partnered by Kafie 1901 Cigars.

The event launched in Washington, DC in February, 2016 and has tour stops in Atlanta, Miami, New York and will end with a five-day trip to Cuba in September. Each stop includes a night of networking, premium cigars and spirits and is attended by some of the hosting city’s most elite Female and Male cigar enthusiasts.

This summer, they created Stixx and Stilettos Academy, a conservatory designed to help women learn more about cigars and the art of the cigar culture. In addition, female entrepreneurs, scholars, and authors are invited to come out and share their brand and/or facilitate workshops that will enrich and empower the lives of attendees. The academy takes place every Wednesday from June through August.

In less than two years, Stixx and Stilettos has already gained a reputation as an elite group with a powerful vision of being more than just women who smoke cigars. Instead, they are a group created to empower women to “Act like a lady, but think like a Boss!”

Monica Michelle, CVO and Director of Brand Development

Born and raised in White Plains, NY, Monica Michelle is a Novelist, Entrepreneur, award-winning Realtor and an all-around businesswoman. Since childhood, business and leadership were in her genes. She created and sold handmade pot holders to neighbors through her version of a “lemonade stand”. Then with the help of their father, she and her brother successfully worked an underground candy operation while in elementary school. By the time she was in her early adulthood, she successfully opened and operated a Nail Technician business while acquiring a BS degree from Norfolk State University in Virginia.


She went on to gain an MS degree from Iona College. Over the years, Monica founded a few businesses such as Shopaholics, Inc., a personal Concierge and Errand company; and Brown Eyed Beauties (BEB), bi-monthly brunch series geared toward the cultivation of friendships and fellowship for African American women as well as charity and philanthropy. Currently, BEB has two chapters, its founding chapter in New York and as of August 2015 an Atlanta, GA chapter.

In 2010, Monica penned her first novel, Lucky, No. 5, a contemporary women’s fiction novel about a single woman’s pursuit at finding love. This unconventional story tells a tale that many new millennium women can relate to. Lucky was published in 2013 by her own Publishing House, Novelista Publishing, which offers mainstream novels in the genres of Women’s and Children’s fiction. Lucky, No. 5 currently maintains a 4.5 of 5 star rating on Amazon and Good Reads. Currently, Monica is working on the second and third installments in the “Lucky” Series. As a result of her literary work, Monica is being honored in March 2016 by the City of White Plains Youth Bureau (for which she was an active member as a

child) and well as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She too will be a featured author and guest speaker on Independent publishing at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta in August 2016. Today Monica is an award winning Associate Broker/Realtor and Relocation Manager for Better Homes & Gardens Realty in White Plains, NY. Monica has over 14 years of professional experience in Real Estate and 20 years in Human Resources and Relocation management. She currently remains a resident of White Plains, NY.

Vanessa Olivier, Promotions and Networking Specialist

Vanessa Olivier was born in Brooklyn New York with Guyanese and Haitian roots, and a strong commitment to community and family. She is currently a successful attorney who specializes in Criminal law at her own practice in addition to doing legal work for a number of major law firms in the New York City Area.

Prior to beginning her legal career, Vanessa began building her skills in event promotion, entrepreneurship and leadership during high school, becoming a facilitator and trainer of fellow student leaders. That experience drove her to empower students at her college, Amherst College and landed her the position as the Diversity Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residential Life at the young age of 21. In both positions Vanessa worked diligently to empower and train student leaders.


She began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office. Since then, Vanessa transferred her dedication to advocacy, education, diversity & leadership into her position as an attorney at her own firm. In addition to private legal practice, Vanessa is a Co-founder and the Promotions & Networking Specialist for Stixx & Stilettos. Her proven leadership ability and excellent interpersonal skills have enabled her to develop valuable relationships with clientele and business partners.

Vanessa is an energetic professional with over 20 years combined experiences through her background as an education administrator, lawyer, and event promoter. She uses her multi-faceted skill sets and depth of knowledge to help design, orchestrate and execute exciting networking experiences that focus on financial literacy, cultural awareness & entrepreneurship, as well as incorporating social media platforms to expand the Stixx & Stilettos network.

Vanessa spends her downtime working as a community leader and mentor of actively matriculated students at Amherst College. This work earned her the Distinguished Alumni Award in March 2015. She currently remains a resident Brooklyn, NY along with her three beautiful children.


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The LifeStyle: First Edition of the Mulsanne at the Auto China 2016 Show

Making its official debut this week at the Beijing Auto Show is the new Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase First Edition, which offers an additional 250 mm of rear legroom. The Crewe, UK-based luxury brand claims the Mulsanne EWB First Edition is “the most generously proportioned pinnacle luxury limousine in the world.” Production is limited to just 50 examples.  The special series comes with a host of interior upgrades, including the tailor-made Mulliner sterling silver vanity kit inlaid into the rear picnic table.


The set was created by Asprey of London and comes with a vanity mirror, hair brush, and a comb which can be hidden in the customized picnic table made by Mulliner. There are also “First Edition” accents here and there: special tread plates, a diametric overlay on the rear seat picnic tables, and Union Jack-inspired seat embroidery. Rounding up the specialist changes, Bentley is delivering its First Edition flagship with a bespoke “Flying B” hood ornament and a champagne cooler.


Just 50 units of the Mulsanne “First Edition” will be produced, spread across the entire range: Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed, and the ultra-luxurious Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase (EWB). Landing in China is the EWB First Edition, which also comes with a ripple-patterned Fulbeck veneer from a 350-year-old English walnut tree. This one was acquired at an auction for an “undisclosed record price” specifically with this car in mind, The rest of the First Edition units will have an Antique Ash veneer. Next to the Mulsanne in Beijing the automaker is also bringing the Flying Spur V8 S and a customized Bentayga by Mulliner with a one-off veneer set depicting the mountain scenery from where the high-end SUV got its designation.








The LifeStyle: The Life Of Davidoff Cigars Is The Life Of Zino Davidoff

The story of Davidoff Cigars is much different than any other cigar manufacturer today. Generally speaking, a cigar company was either born in Cuba and moved after the Revolution, or simply started up somewhere in the U.S. or Latin America. Not Davidoff Cigars though. No, the story all starts with one man: Zino Davidoff. The eldest of four children, Zino was born to a Jewish family in present day Ukraine while it was still under the control of Soviet Russia. His parents were tobacco merchants in Kiev, with many loyal customers searching out their products. However, due to political turmoil and heavily anti-Semitic sentiments that reached almost genocidal levels, his family emigrated to Geneva, Switzerland in 1911 for a better life, opening a new tobacconist shop in 1912. After his schooling was finished, he traveled to South America to tour around the tobacco fields and learn more about the cigar trade in Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba where he eventually ended up working for two years.


Upon returning to Switzerland in 1930, he took over his parent’s shop and grew the modest storefront into a booming business as a result of his newfound knowledge of cigars and tobacco in general. Along with continuing the business’s tradition of blending custom made cigarettes, Zino started importing premium hand-rolled Cuban cigars, and to store them in the proper environment, he invented the first ever climate-controlled humidor in the basement of his shop.


Perhaps the biggest moment for Zino was when he received a call from SEITA, the French tobacco monopoly during WWII. Basically, the Nazi’s were goose stepping all over France and the French didn’t want the Nazis to confiscate the two million habanos they had stored in a customs warehouse. Zino jumped on the opportunity to buy them all up and his shop was the only store in the world with a consistent supply of premium Cubans. The money he made by selling these cigars funded what is now the most premier cigar manufacturer in the world, Davidoff Cigars. Originally it started with only Cuban blends such as the Chateau lines, but Zino’s ties with Cubatabaco ended when quality started to falter under the state owned monopoly’s hands. Zino personally set ablaze over one hundred thousand of his own cigars saying they were not fit to be smoked due to the low standards.

He eventually opened his Dominican operation in 1990, right before the American cigar boom, and Davidoff Cigars soon became the king of the cigar world. With the transition to the Dominican factory, Zino created the flagship Davidoff Aniversario line, popular among every cigar circle and a testament to the quality and flavor Davidoff is known for. Throughout the years, and to keep up with the ever changing palates of consumers, in 2001 the Davidoff Millennium came into existence – a strong yet still wonderfully flavorful smoke for the ages. In recent years, the company made waves of husky-kid-nailing-a-cannonball proportions with their brand new Davidoff Nicaragua being premiered in late 2013 and the acquisition of Camacho Cigars from Christian Eiroa.


When you buy and light up a Davidoff Cigar, you’re not simply buying a stogie to smoke. You’re buying a rich history that started in turmoil, suffered through two World Wars, the Cuban Revolution, yet still maintained the standard of excellence Zino’s father held in that small tobacco shop in Kiev. Today, Davidoff is still going strong and will continue to create premium cigars that will be appreciated by even the most discerning smoker.


Davidoff Cigars are to the cigar world as Bentley is to the car industry. There’s simply no better recognized brand in the entire world. Of course, many believe these to be the cigar of the bourgeoisie; they’re nothing short of an amazing cigar meant for anyone to enjoy any moment of the day. They’re known for their absolutely flawless quality control, having the best of any cigar manufacturer in existence, and incredible overall consistency.

Cigar Line

A night in Rio inspires an adventure of taste

Winston Churchill
There is only one Winston Churchill. There is only one cigar to bear his name.

Oro Blanco
The rarest cigar for the rarest of moments.

Fresh floral scents mingle with earthy, woody notes, and the barest hints of a sweet, clean, creamy aftertaste.

Mille series redefines the timeless elegance of the Classic Blend with slightly wider ring gauge formats.

The new Davidoff Nicaragua – Discovered by and appreciated by those in the mood to explore.

Grand Cru
Leaves from carefully selected fields are used to create this unmistakable blend: woody, slightly spicy, with an earthy aroma.

Puro D’Oro
Exceptionally pure and deeply rich, the Puro d’Oro blend was created using only the finest tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.

Millennium Blend
The Davidoff Millennium blend celebrates a transition. A beautiful shift to to a new millennium filled with fresh horizons.

Davidoff’s Special Series marks the renaissance of emblematic classic shapes; robustos, culebras, perfectos and other figurados.

The exquisite aroma and carefully balanced blend of tobaccos declare the Aniversario range worthy of the most important times.

The Maduro series presents intense yet smooth aromas of nuts, caramel, and honey with sweet twists of dark chocolate and chili.

Imagine being able to stop life momentarily and enjoy time to pause and reflect.

Limited Editions
Superlative craftsmanship is supported by deep heritage all in the service of delivering unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Davidoff’s Royal Series is expertly and meticulously crafted for life’s happiest occasions.

Colorado Claro Line
The Davidoff Colorado Claro line is based on the Special line formats but carries a very rare wrapper.

First created over 40 years ago, Davidoff cigarillos are now the most popular cigarillos in the world.

Checkout the Davidoff Website

The LifeStyle: Lashes & Mustashes Mobile Luxury Lounge

Owned and Operated by: Joyce “Cigarfoxy” Larkins

Smoking a cigar is not a pastime, but an experience.  I started Lashes & MustASHES to bring the luxury, class and sophistication of my favorite cigar lounges to clients who look to make their next event, party or business retreat truly memorable.


There’s nothing quite like the experience of enjoying my favorite cigar, surrounded by plush leathers and wood with music or a sporting event playing in the background. Engaging in conversation with my fellow leaf lovers – while sipping on a glass of rum, cognac or vintage port – is something I hold dear to my heart.




Cigars are a symbol of a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, an activity enjoyed with class, refinement and tact by millions of people across the country. In fact, cigars are one of the few pleasures available to our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. It also has a certain sense of mystery, something that is unlike any other tobacco product.


Lashes & MustASHES was created to offer enthusiasts a smoker-friendly, luxurious destination to enjoy their favorite cigars at any location of their choosing. We bring something remarkably special to your business, club or venue, providing your guests with the opportunity to enjoy the company of their friends and colleagues in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.




In addition, we have a stake in our community. A percentage of our profits go directly to “BENEFIT G.O.A.L.S”, a non-profit organization committed to helping male student athletes from single-parent homes make their first step towards higher education.



If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, try out one of our portable cigar lounge experiences. I am confident that you’ll find that it brings a completely new level of class and variety to your next outing or event.

Lashes and MustASHES brings portability to the finest elements enjoyed by Cigar and Pipe Smokers in a welcoming upscale Cigar Lounge environment.

The Cigar Lounge Veranda and the Luxury RV Land Yacht Travel Trailer each provide stocked humidor with premium cigars, plush leather seating, media options, signature hostess service and can be rented for 4 hours or multiple days.

Lashes and MustASHES is licensed to sell Tobacco products. However, our environments are a “Bring your own Alcohol” arrangement. Whether its for a private poker game with 10 friends or an event with 300 attendees, we can customize the right Cigar Hostess Service Experience for your event.

We work with existing establishments like Night Clubs, Country Clubs, Professional Sports Arenas, Corporations, etc. to become an extension of their events team to deliver a unique value added Customer Appreciation experience.


The LifeStyle: Cigars and Fashion With Shelly Bloom’s Fashion Clothiers

Cigars and fashion when tailored together is a work of art. Shelly Bloom and Tony Pichs make it happen daily in the heart of South Florida. Dressing up has always been part of any special occasion which is one reason that cigars and fashion are so easily coupled. Cigars are a symbol of festive events much like dressing up is inherently part of any special event. Conversely, cigars are no longer a strange exotic fruit that the common man rarely gets to indulge in.



Cigars are ubiquitous, cigar publications dot the landscape, bloggers create cigar related information in volumes, YouTube channels illustrate cigar centric material, and celebrities further espouse the mystic of cigar culture. However, with all the populism and ubiquity of cigars there still remains the festive and fashionable nature of cigars. Dressing the part takes a backseat but a seat nonetheless.



If you walk into the cigar lounge dressed like a beach bum you will be greeted like any other patron, you can still lay back on the leather couches, bask in the darkness of the wood toned architecture, but the most important part of the experience, the people, will suffer. Dressing the part enhances the experience like smiling on the phone improves the voice it works. I could use a makeover myself and I plan to consult Tony Pichs get ready.





Company Information

Fashion Clothier’s was started in 1964 by Nathan Bloom. Shelly Bloom joined Fashion Clothiers in 1964, along with Linda Bloom in 1973 after the passing of Nathan Bloom. Shelly Bloom’s Fashion Clothiers is one of the last standing Men’s Clothing Stores in South Florida.

Led by owner Shelly Bloom and 28 year partner Tony Pichs, Fashion Clothiers has grown into the leading Men’s Store in South Florida. Selling 4,000 Men’s Suits annually has attracted the attention of the local and South American markets.

Shelly Bloom’s Fashion Clothiers continues to lead by offering the “Buy One Suit And Get 19 Additional Units Of Clothing” for FREE. Priced only at $349.00!

Linda Bloom has managed Fashion Clothiers with Tony Pichs for almost 30 years and we are now celebrating our 50th Anniversary!

Come In And Celebrate With Us!

Shelly Bloom’s Fashion Clothiers
2650 NW 5th Ave
Miami, Florida 33127
Tel: 305-573-5890
Email: or

The LifeStyle: BMW Pays Tribute to 1930s Roadster ‘Hommage’ Unveiled

Back in the ’30s BMW unveiled the 328 – the most successful and best-looking sports car at that time. The car’s success was due to its impressive design parameters: systematic lightweight construction, aerodynamic lines, optimum engine types, and outstanding suspension technology. Now, as a celebration of the car’s 75th anniversary, BMW will unveiled the 328 Hommage at this year’s Mille Miglia. This model modernizes the principles and the character of the vehicle from back then and offers a possible interpretation of how the designers of that time, Fritz Fiedler and Rudolf Schleicher, might have built the BMW 328 if they had the use of our current technology.

“With the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay homage to the passion and inventiveness of the fathers of the BMW 328”, explains Karl Bäumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic. “They created an icon, which is consid-ered a milestone in the history of the automobile.”

The 3.0-litre straight six-powered concept makes extensive use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic, a material already used by BMW in the M6 and M3, and one that’s likely to feature in its forthcoming range of i eco-models. Indeed, the show car’s bodywork uses the carbon weave pattern as a design cue; it’s not covered up by any paint, a move that also fits with the 328’s ethos of light weight.

The styling apes the looks of the original 328, incorporating key BMW design elements such as the double kidney grille – but there are also strong overtones from the Vision ConnectedDrive roadster that was revealed at the Geneva show earlier this year. The rear has a particularly angular tail, with lights that echo the look of the Vision ED eco-supercar that’s earmarked for production.




The LifeStyle: Lamborghini’s First SUV Urus to Debut 2017

For months, Lamborghini’s first SUV was rumored to be approved for production … then it wasn’t, and now a new report suggests that it’s officially official this time: the Urus will be built.The tall, angular Lambo will be produced in Italy, and a confirming statement is expected later this week. According to Bloomberg, Lamborghini and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi have agreed on tax breaks to help expand the Italian automaker’s production, and that will lead to the hiring of about 500 new employees to build the new model.

Urus003Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann and Rupert Stadler, head of Audi AG, parent company to Lamborghini, will announce the agreement at a press conference in Rome on Wednesday.

Lamborghini hopes the Urus will be a significant seller in the automaker’s portfolio. With expensive SUVs and crossovers selling like mad, a performance and styling-focused offering from Lamborghini could inject a new set of buyers and fund future projects. Current projections estimate the Urus could double the brand’s annual sales.


The Urus will have some intense competition from models like the upcoming Bentley Bentayga, Rolls Royce SUV, and Maserati Levante, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, BMW X5/X6 M, and even from within the fold in the form of the pending Audi RSQ7. In fact, the Urus could share a V10 with the RSQ7.


The Lamborghini’s competitive advantage won’t just be crazy output, but also light weight thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber. With something like 600 horsepower on tap, the Urus could be the quickest SUV ever produced when it rolls off the assembly line.


It’s expected that the Urus will debut sometime in 2017 and Lamborghini hopes to sell 3,000 models each year.