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Cigars: Falling in Love With Brothers From the House of Emilio Cigar Family

As you know from Twitter, I enjoyed my long loving affair with the AF 2 from Emilio Cigars. But hearing a whisper that I needed to experience the other brother, AF1, I sought him out and added him to my regular line up of Sunday luvrs.


And ohhh was I happy I did … Mmhmmm

Emilio Cigars AF1 was so good looking. The San Andreas Maduro wrapper with Nicaraguan filler & binder drew me into him quickly. Just the luscious look of this gar made me lick my lips in anticipation to our Sunday date.

Dark & sleek with a delectable pre-lit scent of cocoa & cedar from the wrapper & foot, my mind imagined how the date could play out. I stole a brief kiss of a cold draw tasting a preview of coffee and nuts.

With excitement for the date beginning, I lit AF1 & drew in the dimensional smoke into my mouth, held for a bit savoring these first flaves in each puff. The 1st Third held flavors that make me take notice quickly — silky caramel mixed with cafe au lait with a background of pepper spice. Further into the Third brought a slight creamy cocoa flavor.


With satisfaction building, the 2nd Third held my interest with the continuation of coffee bean flavors with a touch of raisin, wood with a background spice. The cigar burn is perfect with the smoke billowing through the room leaving a seductive scent in the room. Completely enraptured with my AF1 cigar, I barely noted people staring at us. I knew they wondered what I was smoking … their heads cranning to see what had caught my attention and held on tight.

My love affair with AF1 continues into the Final Third with a rich, chocolate taking center stage with a balanced mix of espresso & spice playing a more dominant role. I love the way AF1 commands attention. Intricate, dimensional, and smooth. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this cigar. AF1 held me tight and soothed away every wrinkle from my day.


But to compare the Emilio brothers AF 1 & AF2 isn’t possible. I love them each for different reasons and constantly switch luvrs all the time. AF1 is delectable, but AF2 is sumptuous.

What’s a cigar smoking girl to do ?

Can’t I just keep it in the family & continue to love them both for different needs ? Mmmhmmm that’s the plan. I suggest you try them too.

All about House of Emilio:

Wishing you long ashes —

Robusto Cigar Babe


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