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Cigars: Kuuts Cigars, By Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos

If you’re thinking to yourself, I never heard of this brand, you are in good company, because all of your true-blooded American smoking buddies haven’t heard of them either. That is until now. Kuuts isn’t some new kid on the block, in fact they have 15 years under their belts handcrafting premium cigars for the European market. Now that their Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos Company is open for business in Danlí, Honduras, they have finally come to Wall Street and Main Street with blends that are both delicious, and affordable…From the moment you start tasting these great smokes, you will realize what you have been missing for the last fifteen years!



Excellent balanced taste, not easy to find.
Smoked and earthy notes. Perfect combustion and smoke.
Enjoy its remanining wooden and sweet flavour



Miró Cigars are a product of a prime selection of perfectly fermented tobacco. Their distinct aroma precedes their intense, profound, slightly matured flavors that slightly intensify the further you get into them. The Miró brand of cigars is a full bodied cigar that is sure to make any ordinary occasion into an absolutely unique one with the incredible flavors and aromas given off by the perfect blend of a Sumatra wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and combined Nicaraguan and Honduran filler.


Placeres Reserva

Placeres Reserva, spanish for Reserved Pleasures are completely hand made by Master Rollers from a standing tradition of ancestry and heritage passed on from parent to child. This heritage comes from such regions such as Honduras, Nicaragua and other parts of the world in order to obtain a quality product and an excellent price for such a premium cigar in today’s market. The Placeres Reserva is a medium to full bodied cigar that features a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper with a Costa Rican Binder and combined Nicaraguan and Honduran filler in order to produce the incredible flavor and aroma that this cigar has to offer.


Tabacalera Zapata

Our cigars are manufactured by our master rollers in a unique ambiance that reproduces the olden times of cigar manufacturing. An aroma of tobacco, wood, spices, sun, love and dreams, with the authentic artistry of a master roller pouring his soul into every turn as he finishes each masterpiece. The Tabacalera Zapata brand is a medium bodied cigar that features a uniquely primed Honduran Connecticut Oscuro Wrapper with an Honduran binder and a combination of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Jaltepec tobaccos for the filler in order to give this blend its well-balanced flavor.


Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos

Our cigars are manufactured in the Danli Region of Honduras in our factory, Compañia Hondureña de Tabacos, a.k.a. CHT. These cigars are hand made in the traditional way by master rollers with the finest of tobaccos from different regions such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador and many more. We strive to create blends in order to achieve a balance of flavor, aroma, and strength capable of satisfying a wide range of consumers from the beginner to the most avid of aficionados.

Although the Danli region is the source for a large percentage of the cigars manufactured for worldwide distribution, we have the advantage of owning and operating our own factory. Our factory has the capabilities of producing over 6 million cigars a year. With 98 pairs of rollers working in a family atmosphere, CHT has the ability to keep all aspects of the manufacturing process under one roof. This helps us keep the quality and consistency of our cigars at the highest of standards.

Our cigars are produced with you the consumer in mind. While striving to achieve excellence and nothing less, our cigars are sure to be loved by all types of smokers.


For More Information Contact:
Mari Navarro – Rep. for the State of Florida

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