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Cigars: Learning to Pronounce This Cigar is the Hardest Part

I’m always intrigued when a company runs ads highlighting the correct pronunciation of a product. In this case it’s for La Jun Ga Da … I mean La Hung Ada … No wait, the ad said La Who-Ga-Da !

It’s really La Jugada from Moya Ruiz Cigars.

The wrapper for the Prieto is a dark maduro wrapper with barely visible veins. It had a nice scent pre lit – you could smell pepper.


I was thoroughly surprised with the deep dark cocoa taste upon lighting the LaJugada cigar & strong pepper spice in initial 1/3 of smoking it. The spice sits midway in your mouth & over takes most everything else until the ash falls. Even with the dominant taste very full, you will able to detect cocoa & earthiness throughout the smoke.

I’d say my favorite part of the cigar came when the profile shifted from Full to Medium & the flavor notes balanced out. Then I was able to enjoy roasted nuts, light spice, a little coffee. The stick stayed medium bodied through the remainder of the smoke, with the final finger burns yielding that strong black pepper flavor again.


The La Jugada burned nicely, never needed relighting ( even though I like to socialize). It yielded a medium amount of white smoke. The second time I smoked it, surprisingly, it didn’t pair well with coffee — but it did taste good with Captain Morgan Black — with the cigar pulling out the licorice flavors out in the drink. The Black Rum stood up to the strong pepper notes in the cigar and rounded it out.

While strong pepper & earthiness aren’t MY favorite flavor notes, I did enjoy the stick once I got into it. I recommend that you try for yourself.

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