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Cigars: My Thoughts Are Haunted by the Gurkha Ghost

Being active on Twitter & Instagram, I not only get a chance to share my cigar likes, loves & challenges, I also love to hear what everyone else is smoking.   A fellow reviewer, whom I affectionately call “Houston,” described the Gurkha Ghost as if it was pure gold.

Even though we have similar tastes, I actually didn’t believe him. I had a preconceived notion that Gurkha was a harsh cigar based on a stick  I tried, but couldn’t remember it’s name, a few years ago. So, I went looking for the Ghost. I searched locally in NYC, NJ & LI – but it never materialized. My first Ghost was a gift and the second appeared at a Staten Island lounge for $8.50.

After a little whining on Twitter, an amazing package of goodies came from a not so secret friend and behold, the Ghost appeared with its beautiful holographic band. I was blown away with the gift, and open-minded enough to not let this succulently delicious smoking experience disappear.

An attractive 5 x 52 and alluring medium plus bodied cigar, the Ghost blend showcases a dark Brazilian, Arapiraka Maduro wrapper, complemented by an aged Criollo 98 binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.


The thing about the Ghost is that it starts off as one type of perfectly conceived smooth tasting cigar, then with the flavor shifts & dimensions emerging, the cigar becomes the ONE you don’t want to get away. I was super impressed with the pre-lit scent of the cigar — supple  leather with a deep tobacco, nutmeg, cinnamon and a little black licorice. I took my time enjoying the aroma and when I finally lit this baby, the smoke was voluminous & white. It had a sexy scent that I wanted to permanently perfume the room.

The initial 1/3 started off with a woodsy, earthy flavor, a touch of black pepper & a little sweet cream. It burned nicely, the ash was dense & held tight at least 1/2 way into the experience before falling and then the flavor shifted big time in the 2/3 and a completely different dark cocoa flavor emerged sharply changing the dimension of the stick. The earthiness subsided leaving the rest of the flavors to intermingle prominently on the palate.

But it was during the last part of the cigar when really decided I didn’t want my date with Gurkha to end — and I do believe the feeling was mutual because the burn rate slowed and we spent a good amount of time enjoying each others company. Then in between a few puffs, a tidal wave of flavors swelled with caramel, sweet cream and bittersweet cocoa swirling  on my palate and tingling my lips. I ended my brief Ghost affair with a long slow burnt caramel kiss and sat back against the leather chair enjoying the smoky aroma for just a little while more.


The first time I smoked the Gurkha Ghost was with drinking water and my second Ghost haunting included an Ice Wine from Hungary. But from the flavor profiles, I could imagine this cigar pairing well with Port, Cappuccino, Cherry Stout and countless other pleasures.

This is a cigar to savor, enjoy each dimension of flavor in every puff and share with friends. You won’t be disappointed in the Ghost. It may even haunt your thoughts days following the experience.

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Wishing you long ashes — The Robusto Cigar Babe

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