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Cigars: Nat Sherman Epoca Perfecto

Nat Sherman has resurrected one of their oldest brands, actually the first they offered on the premium market, called the Epoca,to commemorate their long standing history in the cigar industry. The Epoca uses the same packaging artwork from the original release, which was a “clear” Havana, meaning it contained Cuban tobacco, but was sold in the States prior to the embargo. Released at IPCPR 2014, the Nat Sherman Epoca was produced by the Quesada’s in the Dominican Republic. It uses a golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers.

Nat Sherman Epoca Perfectos


The Nat Sherman Epoca, especially the Perfecto has a very retro look to it. The packaging is an absolute throwback and does what the brand sets out to do, harken back to the clear Havana pre-embargo blend that it was. A super smooth, golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper shines in the light, seamlessly encasing the cigar. Overall a very appealing looking cigar.

Burn / Draw / Construction:

The burn and draw on the Nat Sherman Epoca was nothing short of perfection. Once again, the cigar mimics a Cuban with a white, flakey ash, but unlike the forbidden fruit, this cigars burn line was like a laser. The draw had just the right amount of resistance, offering the ability to “sip” or pull big plumes of smoke. The construction was good also, firm but not too much so.

Nat Sherman Epoca Perfectos


Pre-light draw consists of an sweet tobacco and hay like flavor. The Epoca starts off fairly mild and creamy with a light, nutty sweetness and an enjoyable aroma that’s similar to some Cuban cigars. Also similar to some Havana’s is the medium body, yet medium to full amount of flavor that the cigar exudes. As the Epoca burns past the halfway point, the sweet creaminess remains in the forefront with a nice amount of spice through the nose with a retrohale. The final third approached a hair over medium in body and introduced some nice cocoa flavor, along with more natural nutty and leather notes. The aroma continues to be fantastic, it smells of vanilla and some coconut. A very smooth and enjoyable mix of flavors. Definitely complex enough to keep you guessing, but completely enjoyable and approachable to someone who isn’t super experienced.

Nat Sherman Epoca Perfectos

Overall Thoughts:

I thought the Nat Sherman Epoca was a fantastic cigar. If the companies aim was to manufacture a cigar with retro styling and milder “Cubanesque” flavor and body then they nailed it. I’m very interested to try some of the other sizes, particularly the smaller ring gauges, which may produce a little more strength. The Quesada’s have been blending excellent medium body cigars for many years and recently with brands like the Espana and the Jalapa, they’ve shown they can create a milder cigar that’s packed with nuance and interesting flavor. I usually reach for a milder cigar early on in the day, this Epoca would be a perfect cigar to enjoy with coffee in the morning. For fans of Nat Sherman cigars, or the Quesada Family’s blending, this cigar is a must try. Also if you’re looking for a mild to medium cigar with true characteristics of a Cuban, add this one to your short list.

Nat Sherman Epoca Perfectos

The Nat Sherman Epoca is Available Now – Click Here to Purchase #smokegood

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