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Cigars: Perdomo Cigars Six Very Different and Distinct Blends

Perdomo Lot 23


This was my very first cigar 10 years ago and all time favorite. Medium-bodied blended with a 2001 harvest of bale-aged Cuban Corojo and Criollo ’98 tobaccos grown exclusively on a virgin plot of land discovered by Nick Perdomo and his late father, Nick Sr. Offered in your choice of rich-tasting, dark Corojo, naturally sweet Habano Maduro, or milder Ecuadorian CT Shade wrappers, the smoke is creamy, earthy and well-balanced with a hearty, wholesome flavor. A stunning and affordably-priced cigar that’s not to be missed!

Perdomo Habano Gordo


Nick Perdomo Jr. created this special, full-bodied blend using Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in the Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa regions of Nicaragua. ‘The beautiful Cuban-seed Corojo and triple-fermented Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers complement this unique filler blend by adding rich, bold flavors with a smooth, satisfying finish’, says Nick. And tasting is believing. Whichever size and wrapper you prefer, one thing is certain: these cigars will enthrall you.

Perdomo Exhibicion


Perdomo Exhibicion cigars offer compelling testament to Tabacalera Perdomo’s expertise in the art of cigars. Three Perdomo Exhibicion blends are offered, each containing a recipe of factory-aged tobaccos in a unique configuration. Exhibit Connecticut delivers a mild to medium-bodied taste, Exhibit Sun Grown a medium to full-bodied profile, and Exhibit Maduro a rich-full-bodied smoke. Whatever your preference, you’re guaranteed a well-made cigar with plenty of flavor and aroma.

Perdomo Reserve 1oth Anniversary


Perdomo Reserve 10 Year Anniversary cigars are a decade in the making. The cigars were created to celebrate the next generation of Tabacalera Perdomo’s award winning and highly acclaimed original La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve line. The cigars are made with attractive Connecticut wrappers that impart a symphony of complex flavors including almond, coffee and cocoa with a smooth, silky finish. Try some today, and celebrate a decade of quality craftsmanship by Tabacalera Perdomo!

Perdomo 20th Anniversary


Perdomo 20th Anniversary cigars are a follow up to the 10th Anniversary line to celebrate Perdomo’s 10th year in the industry. Just like the 10th Anniversary line, these are made with absolute perfection to reflect exactly how passionate Perdomo is about making every one of their cigars absolute bliss. Help Perdomo celebrate by trying this must have cigar today. You will certainly not regret it.

Perdomo Double Aged Sun Grown


Perdomo Double Aged Vintage cigars are a blend of Perdomo’s finest and most cherished 12-year-old fillers, binders, and maduro wrappers. These rare tobaccos are carefully bale aged for 10 years, then aged in charred, white oak bourbon barrels for an additional 2 years. Using this proprietary, double-aging process ensures that each leaf is imbued with the perfect color, texture, flavor, and aroma. A MUST-SMOKE for Perdomo fans.

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