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Cigars: Pete Johnson and My Father Integral Players in the L’Atelier Cigar Brand


L’Atelier Cigars are the stogies you need to get. Just get a load of the names behind the brand! You have Pete Johnson, the same guy behind Tatuaje, and My Father who manufactures these hand-rolled beauties under the watchful eye of the Garcia family. It’s no wonder with these two legendary names running the brand that L’Atelier was ranked #12 in the world in 2013.

About L’Atelier Cigars

If you don’t know about the astounding L’Atelier Cigar brand, then it’s time to get acquainted. It’s important to point out two names when talking about this incredible brand: Pete Johnson, and My Father. Both are integral players in how these gems came into existence, and the reason they were named among the top cigars in the world by multiple review boards.

It all started when master blender Pete Johnson decided he wanted to create a new line of cigars that departed the same feel as his other extremely well-known brand Tatuaje. The objective in making L’Atelier was to provide smokers with a premium hand-rolled cigar, composed of well-aged tobaccos, to offer complex flavors with a classic Cuban feel. He immediately went to one of the only people who truly understands what that fine Cubanesqe style is: his long time business partners and close friends, the Garcia family of My Father Cigars.

Growing up in Cuba, Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia obtained firsthand tobacco experience starting at the age of 11 when he started working in a cigar factory. In his time there he learned how Cuban cigars are made, and the flavor profiles of a traditional smoke. Proudly, he mastered the art of blending and rolling, eventually utilizing his skills to open his own company in 2002. It was a year later that Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia joined forces to produce Tatuaje cigars. Almost a decade later, they embarked on a new project to blend and manufacture L’Atelier Cigars.

Customers lined up early to get their hands on this new Cuban inspired offering molded after the Cohiba Behike in both flavor and construction. Complete with loads of complexity and topped with a traditional pigtail cap, their inaugural line, simply entitled L’Atelier LAT 52, LAT 46, and so on, was an instant success with brick and mortar shops, which struggled to keep them in stock. Soon after came a slew of line extensions such as El Suelo Cigars, Surrogates Cigars, and Trocadero, all of which followed suit as top sellers world wide. It goes without saying this line is very highly praised and still keeps cigar shops stressing about replenishing their inventory.

L’Atelier Cigars are as hard to get as it is to say their name. But fear not, Famous Smoke Shop’s massive inventory of these premium hand-rolled cigars allows you to pick some up at the lowest prices on the market. Each are hand-rolled to precise standards to ensure consistency, and offer its beholder a slew of complex medium to full-bodied flavor and strength. Pick up the L’Atelier Cigars you want from our large inventory now at Famous Smoke Shop discount prices, and relax with flavor.



What do you get when you take Pete Johnson, his brother, add a couple of friends to the mix, and make a cigar? Answer – L’Atelier. Blended by Pete Johnson, and hand-crafted in Pepin’s My Father Factory, each cigar shows up to the big stage well prepared. Dressed to impress, each L’Atelier comes cloaked in a bold new wrapper leaf known as ‘Sancti Spiritus’ – a hybrid of Criollo and Pelo de Oro. Grown in the misty valleys of Ecuador, this beautiful leaf boasts a wonderful aroma, and houses a rich core of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Together, this recipe strikes up medium to full-bodied smoke, containing meaty notes of spice, cedar, earth, dried fruit, and a long hearty finish. The cherry on top is a beautiful pigtail cap. Click Here to Purchase


La Mission du L’Atelier

La Mission du L’Atelier, roughly translated to the mission of the workshop, was inspired by a French winery renown for strong and hearty red wines. L’Atelier is known as a small batch producer of exquisite cigars, and with Mission du L’Atelier they’ve outdone themselves.

Hailing from the My Father factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, La Mission du L’Atelier is the strongest blend yet for L’Atelier. Coming dressed in a Mexican San Andres wrapper over Nicaraguan long-fillers, including the revered Sancti Spiritus leaf, the cigar is stunning in appearance. Medium to full-bodied, and box-pressed with a pigtail cap, the cigar includes robust notes of chocolate, pepper, coffee, leather and wood, and boasts complexity and depth of flavor. La Mission du L’Atelier is an enchanting and pleasurable cigar, and will soon occupy the top shelves of humidors everywhere. Click Here to Purchase

L’Atelier Surrogates

Blended by Pete Johnson, and crafted in Don Pepin’s My Father factory in Nicaragua, each Surrogate was masterfully created to serve up four unique and completely different experiences. This time around, their goal was simple. To create a new series of cigars, limited-edition in nature, that would be readily available to the consumer without breaking the bank. A winning combination if you ask me. Here’s the bottom line: Surrogates deliver the goods as promised. Click Here to Purchase

L’Atelier El Suelo

Enter the new El Suelo by L’Atelier. Meaning ‘the ground’, or ‘the soil’ in Spanish, El Suelo was crafted as an every day offering equipped with an everyman price tag. And the exciting part is, it doesn’t skimp on a single thing. Blended by Pete Johnson, and hailing from Don Pepin’s Tabacalera Cubana factory, each cigar is well-balanced, medium in body, and provides plenty of big-time flavor. At play is an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, draped over a core of Nicaraguan and Connecticut Broadleaf long-fillers. The end result is a cigar exuding notes of leather, earth, nuts, roasted coffee bean, and undeniable hint of sweetness. Boasting a resounding similarity to L’Atelier’s pricier offerings, El Suelo is worth far more than the asking price. Click Here to Purchase

L’Atelier Trocadero

L’Atelier is new on the cigar scene, but already things have quickly started heating up for the buzz-worthy brand. And making things even more exciting is Trocadero. Blended by Pete Johnson, and crafted in Don Pepin’s Tabacalera Cubana factory, Trocadero goes where few brands dare, bundles. But honestly, you’re a fool if you pass up on these legit handmades all because of a box, because there’s a lot to be enjoyed here. Draped in an Ecuador Habano rosado wrapper, and jammed packed with Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, each Trocadero wrangles up a pleasant mild to medium-bodied profile. Notes of toast, leather, nuts, earth and gentle spices round out this highly satisfying, highly affordable handmade. Click Here to Purchase

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