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Cigars: Room101 Serie HN 615

The Room 101 HN, unveiled at the 2012 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas, is another highly-anticipated addition to the Room101 portfolio from Matt Booth, founder of the popular boutique brand. This cigar was built around Honduran Criollo, per Oettinger Davidoff Group:

Following the success of our most recent core offering, the Room101 San Andres, we’ve decided to take yet another unique journey with this new blend. Honduran Criollo is widely-known for its signature taste; rich, rugged and filled with intense spice. By itself, Criollo can be slightly one dimensional. However, when expertly combined with tobaccos such as Mata Fina from Brazil and a creamy Dominican Navarette, the richness and spice of Criollo comes to life in an unimaginable way. The result is a multi-dimensional and full-flavored, medium-intensity cigar with a level of balance unmatched by most.

The “HN” comes from the use of both the Honduran Criollo, the “H,” and Dominican Navarette, the “N.”

The Room101 Serie HN is being release in five vitolas: 213 (5 1/2 x 44), 305 (5 x 50), 615 (7 x 48), 808 (6 x 60) and Papi Chulo (4 x 42). Each size comes in a 25-count box, except the Papi Chulo, which comes in a 50-count box. This is a limited production smoke. Only 20,000 of each vitola were produced. I smoked the 615 for this review.


This long cigar has an evenly colored wrapper with very minial veins and a fine grain. The cigar is finished with a triple cap, has a leathery look and is velvety to the touch. The cigar feels well-filled when squeezed with no soft spots.


The cigar has smells of barnyard, cedar, fruit rind and leather. The cold draw is open and provides a mixture of raisins, chocolate and coffee with some earth.

1st Third:

The Serie HN started with a load of pepper spice on the light and delivered plenty of smoke. There were flavors of red pepper, earth and leather. Some mild fruitiness complimented the spice nicely. The first third was rounded out nicely with plenty of woodiness.

2nd Third:

During the middle of the cigar, the spice and earth stuck around, though the spice wasn’t overwhelming. Some sweetness began to develop, and the fruitiness turned into a distinct orange peel. The leather was a predominant note towards the final third with some cinnamon in the background.

 Final Third:

A lot of the previous flavors carried over into the last bit of the cigar including the leather and earth. The fruitiness receded a bit, but was still slightly present. The strength of the cigar stayed constant throughout, which was somewhere between medium-bodied and full-bodied. Some hints of toffee, cocoa powder and tea rounded out the end of the cigar.


This is an incredibly complex cigar. I would love to try the other sizes to see how this interesting mix of tobaccos would perform in other vitolas. It’s a shame that this cigar is being made in such limited quanitities because it is just that good. The flavors evolve in a way that isn’t common with many other cigars. Even with the backbone of leather, spice and earth, a whole array or interesting flavors come forward. I can’t say I’ve tasted a cigar with such a distinct orange peel presence before. This is a cigar you’ll want to try.

Estimated smoking time: 2 hours

Until we get the Room101 Serie HN, you can check out Atlantic’s other Room101 offerings here.

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