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Cigars: The Moment I Put My Lips on the FHK Cigar I Knew It Was Luv

I suspected that when I met Mr. FHK that we might have a brief affair. His brother Tantrum left me satisfied … but I was left thinking long and hard how I really wanted more.

So when the Chairman of the board suggested I spend the day with FHK from Ezra Zion … I jumped at the chance to make his acquaintance. And why not? This sleek and finely crafted cigar caught my eye the moment I was holding him in my hands. I couldn’t wait to steal away some time with Mr. FHK … So I herfed him … for close to an hour one afternoon in April and then I told all my friends on Twitter about our experience …

Upon lighting I knew right away this cigar was different than his brother Tantrum. As I brought FHK to my lips and took my first few puffs, I could taste strong flavors of cream, oak, leather and cocoa powder. The multi-dimensional in flavors immediately got my attention as the earthy background flavor and a slightly bitter espresso caressed my palate and made me want more … so much more.

FHK stands for “Fathers of Hoover and Kelly”

I knew it wasn’t my imagination — this stick had a ton of flavors that I believe would turn on even the most jaded cigar smoker. As I continued through the 1st third, I picked up a subtle sweet spice that melded perfectly with the oak, leather, cocoa and earth.

One thing I have to mention is the buttery feeling that this cigar leaves in your mouth. You experience in the very beginning and it continues throughout the smoke. It’s beyond creaminess, where a thick slippery feeling in your mouth that provides the perfect background for attracting these delectable flavors to hang around and cling to your taste buds.

Working into the 2nd third, I detected similar flavors to the first part of the cigar with an addition of grass, espresso and almonds. These flavors rounded out the profile nicely giving me a flavorful experience with every puff. The best part about this cigar is it teaches you to let the smoke play in your mouth while you detect the variety of flavors. Truly enjoyable third.

Ezra Zion FHK Band

The Final third ramped up again with a dark chocolate goodness mixed in with espresso and black pepper that carried me all the way to the end. This perfectly conceived creamy and flavorful smoke makes you wonder where FHK has been all your life … the flavor melds and perfectly proportioned mild to medium profile makes this cigar an impressive gift for any aficionado.

Truth be told, I did go back to FHK. The first time I smoked Ezra Zion’s FMK I was drinking water and my second encounter was with a pear ale. I stayed light with the accompanying drink as I didn’t want to overpower the flavor profiles and lose some of what I experienced the first time. It turned out to be a good choice but I imagine you will find countless other pleasures to add to this smoking experience. I hope you will share those with me soon.


I just know whether you are a novice smoker or a seasoned pro, you will truly enjoy this flavor bomb that gives you a variety of dimensional flavor in every puff. It might be the perfect cigar to share with your friends or introduce to a family member … or perhaps, what about dear old mom or dad?

Don’t miss this delectable cigar from Ezra Zion …it’s sure to become a go-to pleasure experience for me.

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Wishing you long ashes — The Robusto Cigar Babe

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