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Music: Diana Krall Pure Elegance and Grace A Style of Her Own

While I’m a new fan of Diana Krall, I have to say that she’s such a great talent, and I’m so glad that there’s an artist like her out there making music. In this day of “Mainstream Pop”, hearing someone who has real musicianship is a much needed change of pace. The first time I saw Diana was when I was watching Jazz Central on BET a few years ago, and I was truly impressed, but I never really tried to find out anything more about her, until this year. I was searching on the Internet and I found her rendition of “Christmas time is here”. I was totally blown away, and I had to find more.


From the very first song, “Let’s face the music and dance”, with its steamy bossa nova, smokey delivery from Diana, and smooth string accompaniment, it’s really hard to put this album down. All of the arrangements are extremely well done, and Diana brings out all of the emotions of each song like she’s lived through them all. Especially the title track. I couldn’t stop listening to it.

I just hit the replay button, and fell into the lush sounds of the strings, the warm guitar, while I fell in love with Diana’s soothing, comforting voice. VERY few albums have ever done that to me before, and I can’t wait for her next effort so she can do it to me again.


Now I can understand that people are mad that Diana doesn’t show off her great piano chops, and those who claim that she’s selling out, but I have to totally disagree. Diana doesn’t have to go the route of so many artists and use their albums to display how great they are; she just wants the music to show for itself. As for the selling out thing, she is more popular, yes. Being nominated for Album of the year proves that, but can’t an artist be allowed to grow, and even expand out of their genre ever so slightly? This album is NOT Pop and ESPECIALLY NOT elevator music. Having strings on a jazz album is also not a sign of selling out either. While the strings were certainly not needed, as she sounds just as great with just her trio, the strings just added a whole other dimension to the songs. I’m glad that she went that route, as it made for a wonderfully splendid album.

It couldn’t come any more highly recommended. Go get it now. And while you’re at it, newcomers should go and get her other albums as well, so you can see that her talent isn’t just a one-album affair; it’s the real deal.

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