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Distilled Spirits: ABK6 Cognac Young Producers of Fine Cognac

Owned by Francis Abécassis, ABK6 is a young cognac house based at the Domaine de Chez Maillard near the village of Claix. Its 250 hectares of vineyards produce high quality eaux-de-vie, which are used to blend this contemporary cognac. The goal of this label is to introduce a young and modern spirit to the traditional drink and at the same time value the quality. Not only its name, an abbreviation of the owner’s name, but also its blog, facebook and twitter pages show the target group of the company. ABK6 owns its own brand as well as the brands Leyrat and and Réviseur. Together, the three brands of the company have been awarded over 60 awards in the past years.


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Founded in 2005 by Francis Abécassis, ABK6 is one of the youngest cognac producers in the industry. Considering it has only been in business for such a short amount of time, the company takes a strong position in cognac production and distribution. The brands the Domaines ABK6 are producing, namely ABK6, Leyrat and Réviseur are all single estate cognacs, which means that they are all grown, harvested, fermented, distilled, matured, blended and bottled at the estate. This guarantees the highest quality control and shows that the company philosophy is shaped by wanting to produce top-of-the-line cognac. Francis Abecassis decided to get his daughter on board as the CEO of the company when she was only 23. This shows an innovative approach and trust in modern business and marketing strategies.

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