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Distilled Spirits: Diplomático Ambassador Selection Rum Simply Amazing

Diplomatico’s flagship, the Ambassador was created by Tito Cordero, Golden Barrel Award’s 2011 Master Rum Blender of the Year. Expect huge juicy sweetness and flavour thanks to its maturation in bourbon barrels and 2 year finish in sweet Pedro Ximenez casks.

Launched in London in October, 2011, Ambassador joins the ranks of the best premium rums in the world. The aroma seduces the drinker even before the first sip. Layers of rich chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, dried fruit, baked apple, dark-smoky oak and fine tobacco combine in a finely orchestrated liquid that has to be savored to be appreciated.


Tasting Note

Nose: Fruity and thick nose with almond, hazelnut and cocoa. Toffee apples, fruits and hints of cooked banana, juicy sherry and mince pies, alongside deep notes of cinnamon and potpourri.

Palate: Rich and fruity with a buttery biscuit base, cinnamon, dried apricots, dates and Nutella. The predominant flavour, however, is of really good sweet pipe tobacco. Stunning.

Finish: Long and fruity with sweet, thick honey and allspice.


To call Ambassador a ‘new rum’ is certainly incorrect as Tito Cordero has been busy blending components of this rum for several years, but it has only recently been released. Beginning with honeys of the cane, as it is called by the distillery, the fermented wash is distilled in a copper pot still before being refined in a smaller continuous still. Over the next decade, the alchemy between wooden casks and the cane alcohol takes place.

An exceptional 47% ABV rum every detail from the wooden case, 18 carat gold closure and writing on the bottle exude luxury. This is one product that didn’t disappoint anyone in the room when it was uncorked for the first time in London. #drinkgood

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