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The LifeStyle: Stixx & Stilettos Networking Group Geared to Female Cigar Lovers

Founded in 2015, Stixx & Stilettos is an event driven organization shaped for professional women. The events, attended by both women and men, promote Financial Awareness, Cultural Enrichment and Entrepreneurship. It was created to allow women the ability to network while enjoying a great Cigar.

The group was founded by Monica Cooper, an Award Winning Realtor and Author, and Power Attorney Vanessa Olivier, two native New Yorkers who met at a Cigar Lounge less than two years ago. After running into one another at many events, the ladies realized they had many common interests. Be sides being successful women of color and cigar enthusiasts, both enjoyed writing, networking, empowerment and event planning. Both agreed that women were smoking cigars in larger numbers, yet there was a lack of events for women who enjoyed the pastime.


While it is geared towards Ladies of the Cigar Leaf, men are invited as well and have become an essential part of Stixx and Stilettos. Since its birth, Stixx and Stilettos has hosted numerous events and meet-ups. As a result of the group’s success, the duo initiated the “Women Run The World Tour”, a four-city tour sponsored by Whiff Out Odor Control products and partnered by Kafie 1901 Cigars.

The event launched in Washington, DC in February, 2016 and has tour stops in Atlanta, Miami, New York and will end with a five-day trip to Cuba in September. Each stop includes a night of networking, premium cigars and spirits and is attended by some of the hosting city’s most elite Female and Male cigar enthusiasts.

This summer, they created Stixx and Stilettos Academy, a conservatory designed to help women learn more about cigars and the art of the cigar culture. In addition, female entrepreneurs, scholars, and authors are invited to come out and share their brand and/or facilitate workshops that will enrich and empower the lives of attendees. The academy takes place every Wednesday from June through August.

In less than two years, Stixx and Stilettos has already gained a reputation as an elite group with a powerful vision of being more than just women who smoke cigars. Instead, they are a group created to empower women to “Act like a lady, but think like a Boss!”

Monica Michelle, CVO and Director of Brand Development

Born and raised in White Plains, NY, Monica Michelle is a Novelist, Entrepreneur, award-winning Realtor and an all-around businesswoman. Since childhood, business and leadership were in her genes. She created and sold handmade pot holders to neighbors through her version of a “lemonade stand”. Then with the help of their father, she and her brother successfully worked an underground candy operation while in elementary school. By the time she was in her early adulthood, she successfully opened and operated a Nail Technician business while acquiring a BS degree from Norfolk State University in Virginia.


She went on to gain an MS degree from Iona College. Over the years, Monica founded a few businesses such as Shopaholics, Inc., a personal Concierge and Errand company; and Brown Eyed Beauties (BEB), bi-monthly brunch series geared toward the cultivation of friendships and fellowship for African American women as well as charity and philanthropy. Currently, BEB has two chapters, its founding chapter in New York and as of August 2015 an Atlanta, GA chapter.

In 2010, Monica penned her first novel, Lucky, No. 5, a contemporary women’s fiction novel about a single woman’s pursuit at finding love. This unconventional story tells a tale that many new millennium women can relate to. Lucky was published in 2013 by her own Publishing House, Novelista Publishing, which offers mainstream novels in the genres of Women’s and Children’s fiction. Lucky, No. 5 currently maintains a 4.5 of 5 star rating on Amazon and Good Reads. Currently, Monica is working on the second and third installments in the “Lucky” Series. As a result of her literary work, Monica is being honored in March 2016 by the City of White Plains Youth Bureau (for which she was an active member as a

child) and well as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She too will be a featured author and guest speaker on Independent publishing at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta in August 2016. Today Monica is an award winning Associate Broker/Realtor and Relocation Manager for Better Homes & Gardens Realty in White Plains, NY. Monica has over 14 years of professional experience in Real Estate and 20 years in Human Resources and Relocation management. She currently remains a resident of White Plains, NY.

Vanessa Olivier, Promotions and Networking Specialist

Vanessa Olivier was born in Brooklyn New York with Guyanese and Haitian roots, and a strong commitment to community and family. She is currently a successful attorney who specializes in Criminal law at her own practice in addition to doing legal work for a number of major law firms in the New York City Area.

Prior to beginning her legal career, Vanessa began building her skills in event promotion, entrepreneurship and leadership during high school, becoming a facilitator and trainer of fellow student leaders. That experience drove her to empower students at her college, Amherst College and landed her the position as the Diversity Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residential Life at the young age of 21. In both positions Vanessa worked diligently to empower and train student leaders.


She began her legal career as a prosecutor in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office. Since then, Vanessa transferred her dedication to advocacy, education, diversity & leadership into her position as an attorney at her own firm. In addition to private legal practice, Vanessa is a Co-founder and the Promotions & Networking Specialist for Stixx & Stilettos. Her proven leadership ability and excellent interpersonal skills have enabled her to develop valuable relationships with clientele and business partners.

Vanessa is an energetic professional with over 20 years combined experiences through her background as an education administrator, lawyer, and event promoter. She uses her multi-faceted skill sets and depth of knowledge to help design, orchestrate and execute exciting networking experiences that focus on financial literacy, cultural awareness & entrepreneurship, as well as incorporating social media platforms to expand the Stixx & Stilettos network.

Vanessa spends her downtime working as a community leader and mentor of actively matriculated students at Amherst College. This work earned her the Distinguished Alumni Award in March 2015. She currently remains a resident Brooklyn, NY along with her three beautiful children.


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